Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Words of a Book

There once was a boy who came from a very large family.  This family was special.  They enjoyed each other’s company.  It seemed like there was never any judgment of anyone based on the way each individual wanted to live his or her own lives.  In their collective minds they thought they valued each other’s opinion and let each person live according to the dictates of their own conscience. They liked being around each other, so they threw parties for themselves.  They would sing, dance, mingle and drink wine together and even had a place in the backyard for members of the family to smoke cigars, if they wanted to.  

This family respected each other because of the way they valued some hidden knowledge that they possessed.  This hidden knowledge kept them tight-knit.  They took pride in a secret they held that taught them how to drink wine and smoke cigars in a way that they could control, thus avoiding any form of dependence upon those two substances.  They had the secret to addiction: How to prevent it, arrest it and reverse it permanently.  This is what made them feel special, so they kept the details hidden from those suffering with addiction because then they could charge them money in exchange for the information.   This added to their feeling of being special.

When the boy grew to maturity, even though he loved his family, he intentionally exposed himself to other views and ways of life just so he would not consider himself so narrow-minded as to think that his family’s ways were the only and best ways.  He kept the secret inside of him though and it made him feel special and elect.  At the same time, he desired to learn about other people’s lifestyles.  He found many other families who were also happy in their own way. After making this observation, he naturally opened his mind to the idea that perhaps he would find something that would be a more excellent way for him than the way of life in which he had been raised.  However, deep inside he didn’t really believe that he would find a more excellent way, but because of the happiness in others that he saw, he was open to the idea that maybe there was a better way.  Eventually and to his astonishment, he actually did find a more excellent way of life that worked better for him.  It was the result of being open to new ideas and reading the words of a book.  

The book was profound to him.  It changed his mind about everything.  He did not understand how the book had so much power over him, but it made total sense to him.  He felt inside his mind and heart that the book made him a better person, so he embraced its teachings and began living his life according to the principles that he read in the book.  But the book exposed his family's secret to the world.  He felt badly about the way the book had the potential to hurt his family’s livelihood, but he knew the information in it was true.  It made the solution to addiction free with no charge to anyone who was willing to read it.  The book not only offered the secret of addiction for free, but it revealed the truthfulness of all things, that is, it told the real truth of human reality, who we are and why we exist. It revealed the knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as they are to come. The book had the ability, if the reader adhered to the book’s principles, to heal anyone of anything that ailed them, including emotional and mental problems, all for free to the masses.   

This hidden knowledge being made free to anyone whom was searching with a sincere heart, with real intent and to anyone whom would read the book created a problem for his family.  It totally undermined their craft, which, in turn took away the emotional value they received from the money they received in exchange for the secret.  But, the boy had grown into adulthood now and lived far away from the land of his youth, so the influence of his family was not felt by him directly on a daily basis, like it was when he was being raised in that sort of environment, so he willingly accepted this new belief that the truth about the solution to addiction should be made free to all who was sincerely searching for it.  As an outward manifestation of his inward commitment to his newfound perspective, he decided he would stop drinking and smoking, because a portion deep in the book, on an obscure page, taught that drinking and smoking were harmful to the human body and he wanted to be true to himself by living according to the things he learned.

Many years went by.  His family was scattered across the country, each family member pursuing their own form of happiness.  Then one day some siblings decided it would be great if they could all get together again and have a reunion where they could all reminisce and enjoy each other’s company.  They all had such good memories growing up together that it made sense to throw a big party and invite each member of the family, including their spouses and all of their kids and their parents.  At length, all the details and logistics were figured out, but they discovered that accommodation expenses were challenging for most of them, so one of the siblings, whom had made a tremendous amount of money over a couple of decades, stepped up and covered the cost of the accommodations for everybody and their families.

When everybody arrived and the party started, it was just like they had all remembered.  It was perfect.  The one who had paid for all the accommodations also paid for and prepared a large dance hall, which was adjacent to the building that housed everyone’s rooms, where everyone could sing, dance, mingle and socialize.  Because of that sibling's generosity, drinks and smokes were on the house, so they were all drinking wine together and they even had a place in the back for members of the family who wanted to smoke a nice cigar.  But the boy, whom was now a man and whom had read the book, was not comfortable.  It had been years since he had smoked tobacco or drank alcohol.  He didn’t know what to do.  

There was a huge amount of pressure placed upon him to drink some wine with everybody, but he could not turn his back on what he knew in his heart had contributed to him becoming a better, happier and healthier person, so he refrained.  This only increased the amount of peer pressure he felt from his siblings and the other adults whom had married into the family.  They said to him, “C’mon man!  We’re celebrating!  Mom & dad are here.  Let loose.  Do it to honor them.  Besides this place cost your sibling a lot of money.  You don’t want to waste that, do you?  We are all going to discuss the secret later.  It will be fun!”  But he wouldn’t do it, so with a broken heart he left with his date and cried.   

Later, after the party was over, he was embarrassed but still returned to the gathering of his family because he had nowhere else to stay because he didn't have enough money to stay somewhere else.  Everyone was cleaning up and chatting.  Things had changed for him now though.  He felt rejected, even though he was the one who left the party.  It was sad.  He still loved his family dearly, but he wasn’t going to drink or smoke with them anymore, like they wanted him to, and he certainly didn’t want to discuss the secret with anyone there, unless they wanted to discuss how to make it available for free for everyone.  He hadn’t smoked or drank for years and he was committed to the idea that not only the solution to addiction should be free, but, even more important than that, all humans were and are equal and each human, regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, socioeconomic status, religion or education level, were entitle to receive the truthfulness of all things for free as well.

He saw the pride his family currently had and realized their pride had been there for generations because of their possession of the secret.  It hurt him and he was remorseful that earlier in life he had sinned against humanity and participated in something that brought inequality to all mankind.

His family now knew he wasn’t going to drink or smoke with them anymore, but they couldn’t change the nature of their future parties just for him and it didn’t make any sense to them that the secret should be available to the world for free.  According to their understanding, part of the fun for them was loosening up and drinking and smoking together and they sincerely thought they were doing a service to the world by providing the solution to addiction for a small fee.  For him, he enjoyed his good health, so it was the opposite and he felt strongly that the secret should be free, but his family members had no idea what he was describing or talking about when he would answer their questions as to why he wouldn’t drink or smoke with them anymore, plus they vehemently rejected the notion that the secret should be free, so the basis of the conversations his family members had with him were not centered on health and wellness as it pertains to alcohol and tobacco consumption or about the fact that the secret to addiction should be free, but focused more on superficial things like sports, the weather or current events.

The boy was an educated man.  He had become an expert in the science about alcohol and tobacco usage and its effects on the human body.  He could quote from the book and could cite scientific studies about the deleterious effects that drinking and smoking had on the human body, but they didn’t care.  To them drinking and smoking together was a bonding experience that strengthened their ties and made them happy, but he refused to participate in it anymore, so they thought he was being proud and rude and talked behind his back about how ungrateful he was for coming to the reunion without being willing to drink and smoke with them.  They reminded him of all the good times they had when he was younger and how many times they had loved and supported him when times were tough.  They didn’t like what he now believed and how he now lived his life.  It seemed like they felt threatened by his newfound peace and happiness, because they couldn’t understand how someone could possibly be happy without drinking and smoking and not desire to get gain by exchanging the secret with suffering addicts for a fair price.  They wanted to reclaim him, but were powerless to do so because he had read the book and was an educated man and knew more than they did about the subject, so they had to be content in saying that maybe he had lost his mind, that he had become an angry person and was misguided, even though they would publicly deny that they thought those things about him.  They blamed it on the book.

He hadn't lost his mind and he wasn’t trying to be rude or angry, nor was he trying to convert them to his lifestyle, but they were trying to change him back to what he was.  He was trying to be true to himself, but he had to move forward, so he wrote each of them a brief letter explaining his point of view.  In explaining his views, he referred to his beliefs that identified drinking and smoking as unhealthy and harmful and that the pride they had in the secret was not worthy of enlightened humans, but of course it came across as arrogant, as if he was a know-it-all, so the backlash from his siblings was quick and severe.  Once again, he didn’t know what to do with regard to his family, so he turned inward where he had learned from the book that all peace and happiness reside and to his friends who accepted him more than his family did.  His friends would not pressure him to drink and smoke and were of one heart and one mind.  They saw eye to eye when it came to their commitment to making the world a better place by practicing equality toward all people.  

The end.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Basic Necessities of Life

All of humanity needs to come to a consensus, at any cost, including any amount of money or technology, without resorting to violence or infringement upon any person's individual rights, that we are all equal. The United States Declaration of Independence declared us all to be equal, that we all have “certain unalienable rights, that among those rights are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”  This phrase is probably one of the most recognizable phrases in the whole English language.  However, the United States Constitution did not guarantee equality to you if you had dark skin, were not a Christian or landowner, were a woman, were poor or indentured.  Therefore, Amendments had to be added to the Constitution over time.  For example, it wasn’t until over 120 years later that an Amendment was added to the Constitution that allowed women the right to vote.  Because the Constitution ostensibly established a new and improved type of government for the People and by the People and because the phrase “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness“ came from our Founding Fathers, most people nowadays think the original Constitution of the United States established a form of government that protected Human Rights and Equality in their lives, but this is far from the truth.  Whereas that phrase from the Declaration of Independence seems to be beautiful, the Constitution was really only designed to give equal rights to white rich Christian male landowners.  To this day, nearly two hundred years later, our politicians and bankers are still mostly white rich Christian male landowners whose lifestyles are protected by the U.S. Constitution.  There can’t be enough Amendments added to correct the damage the Constitution has done to humanity.   

We need a new Constitution. The original Constitution of The United States "is a corrupt document of inhumane laws that needs to be completely rewritten to conform to a modern world and a more humane and equitable system of law and order."  God did not inspire the U.S. Constitution, unless when referring to God one is referring to the god of this world, Lucifer.  It was not written by “the hands of wise men whom [God] raised up,” unless “wise men” is defined merely as homo sapiens, i.e. Greek for wise men or wise ones, and the god whom raised them up is defined as our Collective Godliness and our intent was something completely different, but we failed due to the lost and fallen state of mortal men.

If we don't come to an agreement that we are all equal, then we will eventually bring destruction upon ourselves through more poverty, terrorism and war. If one were to project into the future what the culmination of the influence America will have on the world, there is no other projected end except destruction if we continue the path we are currently on.   

We need to abandon our adult-based paradigms, American exceptionalism and loyalty and become as little children who know nothing about religion, science or philosophy.  We need to treat each other the way we would like to be treated if our roles were reversed. Little children do that; adults don't. A government that is for the People and by the People would guarantee that each person can pursue their own form of happiness, as long as it does not adversely affect another person, and it would not tolerate that any human being would live in poverty and not be given the basic necessities of life.  Freely providing the People with the basic necessities of life is the main purpose of a righteous government. 

If a government for the People and by the People should feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless, liberate the captive, and administer relief to the sick and the afflicted, etc., then in order to institute equality among all people regardless of gender, race, sexual identity, religion, socioeconomic status, education level, etc., then the basic necessities of life should not only be given to the poor and downtrodden, but they should be given to all mankind equally.  Therefore, we, the People, want free food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and education from our government.

There is no other way to peace, except if our government guarantees each and every person equality. Equality can be guaranteed to us, the People, by the government if the government established and enacted a new Constitution, not just in beautiful words like that phrase from the Declaration of Independence, but with a new proper and just system of law and order that really guarantees all people the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness equally. We, the People, have those rights built into each of us individually, but we do not fully experience those rights when we are forced to work to make money to survive.  We are forced to work to support a socioeconomic system that was originally founded by the U.S Constitution and does not allow the People to exist without it.  We, the People, do not want to work anymore in a corrupt system that treats us like a slave, not a slave in chains and motivated by a whip, but a slave to a job, an alarm clock, a boss, a business, a corporation.

If you make and/or have enough money that you do not have to worry about having enough to pay for your basic necessities of life, then I congratulate you.  I give you a high five and respect your desire to have more than the masses, but only as long as your businesses and corporations and banks do not trespass upon my rights and instead support my unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of my happiness. I want to fully experience life and liberty and to pursue my own type of happiness, but I can't under the current circumstances, which have been made up and upheld by our politicians, corporations and religions without the consent of the People into an order of life dependent upon the dollar.

This is why I support the Humanity Party. The Humanity Party is the only political party in the whole world that knows how to move society peacefully from our current form of government, which harms the earth and its people, including, but not limited to, destroying distant humans in other parts of the world with violence and war and does not guarantee equality for all people, to a government that truly cares for all of its people equally, not just for the chosen elite who already have their basic necessities of life taken care of.  The proposed Constitution of the Humanity Party provides all people free access to the basic necessities of life with the same money our current government uses to continue war.  If we can create money for war, then we can create money for the benefit of mankind, so that all mankind is guaranteed free food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and education from the first day of their birth to the last day of their death.  The Humanity Party proposes that the rest of the economy, beyond the basic necessities life, be based upon free enterprise capitalism, upon businesses and corporations that only exist to benefit mankind proportional to the usage and renewal of the Earth's resources.  The Humanity Party has the solutions to terrorism, poverty, child sex slavery, refugees, human trafficking and illegal immigration, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, environmental destruction and pollution, etc. and the list goes on.  There is not one problem in the world that the Humanity Party cannot solve, but, first and foremost, we, the People, have to solve and eliminate the problem of poverty by giving all people the basic necessities of life.  After that, then all the other problems will naturally go away over time. 

For those of you who have much and possess your money and things and don't want me or those who agree with me to take anything away from you in being guaranteed the basic necessities of life, I assure you that if the Humanity Party's form of government is implemented we, the People, will not take anything away from you. We propose a government that has power and authority given to it by the People, including those in high places, to create money, just like the United States government has power and authority to create money for war, but the proposed government of the Humanity Party can only create money for the benefit of mankind equally. The rich can still get rich. The rich can still operate in a capitalistic fee enterprise system.  The rich can still have their businesses and corporations, but only if those businesses and corporations serve humanity, not if they harm the earth or humanity.  If the rich want to pursue riches, they can still pursue them, but laws would be established and enforced that make it so that it is only done for the benefit of all.  Laws need to be put in place and enforced that disallow those in power and authority from destroying the earth and that prevent the People from being treated like slaves. 

We, the People, do not want our taxes or any more governmental spending to go toward the building of a war machine.  We want our taxes to feed the People, to clothe them and house them and to take care of them.  We do not care if the masses work for money or not.  We are all humans and by virtue of being born and the abundance of the earth that was meant to freely provide, we all qualify to have our basic necessities of life taken care of.  More-so now than any other time in the history of man, we currently have the intelligence, the means and technology to do it.  We need to create and spend money to enrich the lives of all Humanity equally.  The People, the masses live here too and have the same claim to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the most wealthy one percentile. 

In an act of peace, I lay down my right to bear arms. Those in power and authority have the power to enslave me if that is what our government wants.  I will not rise up in anger or violence against those in power and authority, but in the name of Humanity and all that is Good, I sue those in power and authority for equal rights across the playing field of humanity. I figuratively bury my weapons in the ground and seek from those who are in power and authority for a more humane government where we can ALL live in peace and prosperity. This will only start and can only happen when all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, education level, etc. are guaranteed by the government free food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and education. There is no other way.